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No, I don't have time for that either.

Diary of a new mommy.

28 June
Hey my name is Lauren. I'm 24 and I'm in Dayton OH at present. I used to have an LJ under the name Rendiggy, but it's been a long time and I doubt it still exists so I made a new one. Besides, the new name is more appropriate.

I have a bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from WPI (class of '03) but it's not like I use it or anything. I was attending Sinclair Community College (SCC) studying fine arts as a stepping stone towards an architectural degree, but that has been backburnered due to my getting all pregnant and stuff. Right now I just continue doing my job the utmost of my ability (as available when half asleep due to boredom) and practicing my art when I get the chance.

I'm due in August, and we don't know the sex yet. I'll keep you all posted!